The computer program Swap 4

Swap 4 is free software. When you proceed to the download-page you will have to register before you can download the program.
Your registration will only be used to maintain an overview of model use
Download Swap4.0.1 (installation package file of 17.6 Mb)

After registration and installation (unzip file you should have folders:
- bin: an executable version of the Swap model (tested on MS-Windows-7)
- cases: 6 cases as described in chapter 12 of User Manual (Kroes et al, 2017)
- cases_CNmodule: 2 cases as described in chapter 9 of User Manual (Groenendijk et al, 2016)
- doc: 2 User Manuals and 2 reports of Testcases
- lic: documents of GNU public license
- src_Swap4: source-code of Swap
- src_ttutil427PC: source-code of ttutil427
- xdata: a folder with extra datasets for crops, meteo and soils

For more info see the file 'readme_4.0.txt' which comes with the installation set.

The program is supplied without Graphical User Interface. We try to give support to users, but have limited financial sources.
Metainformation about Swap4.0.1 can be found here Major changes between Swap4.0.1 and the previous release Swap3.2.36 can be found here Please contact us (Swap-team) if you have any suggestions.

An overview of difference betweeen Swap4.0.1 and the previous internet-release Swap 3.2.36 can be found here

Meta-information about this relase can be found here

Manuals of Swap 4 can also be found using the hyperlinks below.

This new version of the model Swap was made possible with financial support from 2 projects :

1. The Watervision project, a Dutch project with a large group of financers: STOWA (Applied Research of the Water Boards), Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, ACSG (Advisory Commission for Damage related to Groundwater), provinces Utrecht and Zuid-Holland, ZON (Zoetwatervoorziening Oost- Nederland), Water companies Vitens and Brabant Water, VEWIN, LTO and the Ministry of Economic Affairs (project KB-14-001-046). The Waterwise project supported extensive testing and documenting of the soil hydrology and crop growth relations with a focus on The Netherlands (Kroes et al.,2017)
2. The SIGMA-project (Stimulating Innovation for Global Monitoring of Agriculture), financed by the ECís Research Framework programme (FP7) under grant agreement No 603719. Within the SIGMA project the C and N modules were developed, tested and described, with an international focus (Groenendijk et al, 2016)